Graphtec LCX1000 Label Printing & Finishing System

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Graphtec GB Says
“The Graphtec LCX1000 Label Printing & Cutting System easily increases productivity by automatically feeding and continuously printing and cutting full colour high quality labels on demand”.

Key Features:

  • Printing System: Graphtec DLP1000
  • Label Cutter: Graphtec DLC1000
  • Full Colour Digital Label Printing & Cutting System
  • Max Printing Width Of 6 Inches
  • Free-form Size And Shape Cutting
  • Slitting, Laminating & Waste Matrix Removal (Auto Weeding Function)
  • Includes Label Design Software

Print Resolutions:

  • 600 x 600 DPI
  • 600 x 1200 DPI
  • 600 x 2400 DPI

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Graphtec LCX1000 Label Printing & Finishing System


The Graphtec LCX1000 Digital Label Printing & Finishing System brings full colour, on-demand and high-quality label printing in house for fast and easy label creation.

The LCX1000 consists of two cutting edge, high-quality Graphtec products, the Graphtec DLP1000 Label Printing System and the Graphtec DLC1000 Label Finighing System. The LCX1000 gives you the ability to create, print, laminate, contour cut and auto-weed labels with the choice of sheet off or to spool your labels off onto a roll.

Increase the productivity in your production line then with the LCX1000 Label Printer & Finishing System.

Graphtec DLP1000 Key Features:

  • Roll Paper Capability: 3 Way Feeding System
  • Maximum Printing Width Of 152.4mm
  • Resolution Of 600 x 2400 dpi
  • Max Printing Speed: 124mm/s
  • Improve Production By Centrally Controlling Up To 8 DLC’s
  • Diversify Uses With A Variety Of Specialized Substrates
  • Accompanied By Specialised Label Creating Software
  • RIP Software Comes As A Stand Software
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1462 x 638 x 758mm

Graphtec DLC1000 Key Features:

  • Perform All The Label Creation Processes Using One Device
  • Roll-To-Roll Capability For Continuous Finishing Process
  • Equipped With The Cutter Enabling Free-Form Cutting
  • Laminating For Weather Resistant Finish
  • Sheet Feeding By Cross-Cutting
  • Slitting Function
  • Improved Label Processing Efficiency With Barcode Reference
  • Handles Max Web Width Of 216mm
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1904 x 994 x 1297mm

Graphtec DLP1000 Label Printer

The DLP1000 Label Printer is a full colour roll-to-roll label printing system. The printer can be controlled via PC, laptop or via the large LCD touchscreen and can be used as a central control unit to manage and control up to 8 Graphtec DLC1000 label finishing systems if being used in a large scale production line.

The DLP1000 comes with dedicated design and RIP software which is produced by the industry leading brand, SAi. It features a 3-way feeding system which is capable of using roll or sheet paper to perfectly suit the printing amount and requirements.

The printer can handle a variety of specialised substrates to achieve weather and light-resistant finishes. It can accept up to 8 different kinds of media sizes which makes it an extremely versatile printer for auto-labeling on a production line.

Find out more information on the DLP1000 product page: Click Here

Graphtec DLP1000: Subtrate Capability

Paper Types:

  • High Quality Paper
  • Glossy Paper
  • Synthetic Paper
  • White PET Film

Roll Paper Sizes:

  • 182.4mm
  • 135mm

Pre-Die Cut Roll Paper:

  • 4 x 3″
  • 4 x 6″
  • A5
  • A6

Sheet Paper:

  • A5
  • A6

graphtec dlc1000 label printing system - small

Graphtec DLC1000 Label Finishing System

The DLC1000 makes up the LCX1000 label finishing system and is an all-in-one label finisher with incorporates a laminator, contour cutter, auto-weeder, slitter and the ability to spool onto a roll or finish off your labels into sheet form.

The DLC1000 enables a reduction in process errors and provides the user with fast and easy media loading capabilities to improve work efficiency and reduce wastage. With a Contour Cutter installed as part of the package the DLC1000 can create an infinite amount of shapes and label designs which completely does away with the expensive cost of purchasing pre-formed dies which limits the user to pre-selected shapes.

The finishing system verifies consistency by reading barcodes and cut data before the label is sent through the finishing system, if there is a discrepancy in the data an alert message will flash up on the LCD control panel so that the operator can take the appropriate action to ensure quality is kept to the highest of standards.

Graphtec DLC1000: Finishing Process


  • Once your design has been printed onto the label media using the DLP1000 you will need to install the roll onto the feeder of the DLC1000.
  • Once the media has been loaded into the DLC1000 it will then be fed directly into the auto-laminator which adds an extra level of protection and durability to the label.
  • Laminate is available in either Polyester (PET) or Polypropylene (PP).

Contour Cutting:

  • Once the lamination is complete the label will be fed directly into the in-built cutter which completely eliminates the need to die cutting.
  • The in-built contour cutter allows for an infinite amount of label shapes to be produced using the DLC1000 Label Finishing System.
  • Once the media has entered the cutter the optical eye on the cutter searches for the registration mark, once found the cutter will accurately cut out your label.
  • Registration marks are automatically added to the print by the printer so is not required in the design of your label.

Auto Weed:

  • Once the media has been cut it will auto-feed into the Automatic Weeder.
  • The Weeder removes all unwanted media leaving you with just the ease to remove label from the media backing.
  • The excess media is spooled onto a roll which can then be removed and placed in the bin.


  • The DLC1000 allows you to slit the job before it is spooled onto a roll to enable you to fully maximise the label output from the DLC1000.

Label Finishing:

  • The DLC1000 gives you the option of either spooling the finished labels onto a roll or sheeting off the media for individual job creation.

graphtec nicelabel designer pro software

Graphtec LCX1000: Supplied Software

The Graphtec LCX1000 comes with “NiceLabel Designer Pro” software included which is easy to use and allows you to create high-performance, eye-catching and lasting label designs.

The software allows you to:

  • Add over 70 different kinds of QR (Quick Respond) barcodes to print multiple label designs within one run of media.
  • Create images using other applications and import them into the software to then be printed.
  • Import databases to create multi functional labels.
  • Supports multiple languages


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