Graphtec F-Mark Automatic Sheet Fed Cutting System

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Graphtec GB Says
“The Graphtec F-Mark Automatic Sheet Fed Cutting System delivers a range of automated cutting applications and offers an in-house solution for digital print-and-cut jobs (lables & stickers) as well as the creation of gift boxes and pre-production packaging samples without the need for an operator.”

Key Features:

  • Uses A Graphtec CE6000-40 Cutting Plotter
  • Automatic Media Feeding Arm With Vacuum Suction Cups
  • Includes Media Catch Tray
  • Max Media Size: 330 x 483mm (SRA3)
  • Holds Up To 200 Sheets (35mm max stacked media height)
  • Allows For Automation In A Smaller Scale Workplace
  • Fully Compatible With Adobe Illustrator
  • Includes Dedicated F-Mark Software

Operational Performance:

  • Die-Cutting
  • Kiss-Cutting
  • Perforation-Cutting


  • £4,295.00 (£5,154.00 Inc VAT)

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Graphtec F-Mark Automatic Sheet Fed Cutting System

The Graphtec F-Mark Automatic Sheet Fed Cutting System is designed to automatically feed and contour cut A3 and A4 sheets without the need for an operator. Equipped with precision eye-mark camera technology the F-Mark allows for quick reading of crop marks with a precision grade of 0.2mm.

One of the unique features of the die cutter is that, depending on the thickness of the material being processed, it can handle up to 120 sheets of material in a continuous cycle but with the ability to add further sheets as required without interrupting the cutting process. This is a capability that we consider sets the i-Mark apart from any comparable sheet-fed system.

Perfect sheet alignment is achieved via crop mark reading for each individual sheet, with a camera equipped with F-Mark technology performing the crop mark adjustments in a fraction of a second. Software algorithms compensate for any distortion from the printing process to enable precise cutting with minimal bleed. There is also an option to cut perforated lines during file creation.

In addition to kiss cutting the Graphtec F-Mark Automatic Sheet Fed Cutting System is excellent for die cutting card, making it an excellent option for customers looking to produce items such as business cards and packaging.

The cutting parameters set by the software allows the use of crop marks as small as four millimeters, enabling maximisation of the sheet size and minimal material wastage. Contingent upon the material being processed and the complexity of the image outline, the average cutting speed is 30-40 seconds for each sheet.

The F-Mark is run through custom F-Mark software that accepts Illustrator and CorelDraw files.