SAi FlexiDESIGNER Software Package


Fully Licensed Version of FlexiDESIGNER which is an incredibly easy-to-learn and use professional sign design application.


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Fully Licensed Version of FlexiDESIGNER

FlexiDESIGNER is an incredibly easy-to-learn and use professional sign design application.

Unlike other design software, it has an intuitive toolset specifically made for sign and print making. It includes unique features for auto-serialization (variable data), contour cut path creation, true shape nesting and more. It makes an ideal design-only station for any RIP software, including Flexi, ONYX®, Roland Versaworks® Mimaki RasterLink™, etc.

Stand-alone Design Software

  • Complete sign and Print designer
  • Full vector design
  • Full bitmap design
  • Easy text tools
  • Auto serialization
  • True shape nesting
  • All vinyl and PANTONE colour libraries
  • Save as PDF for use in RIP Software
  • Great Laser engraver design application

If you would like a free trial of this product please email: FlexiDESIGNER Trial

If you already have an older or lower level version of Flexi please contact us on 01978 666  for the prices for an upgrade.

Popular Features and Benefits

  • Great for environments where a design-only station will help boost productivity
  • Add one or more contour cut paths to graphics in seconds
  • Unique DesignCentral tool automatically gives the sign designer the correct controls of the object selected
  • Save time by instantaneously editing or updating any effect applied to any design or text object
  • Quickly create a variable-data print or laser engraver production run with the auto-serialization feature
  • Add QR, Data Matrix and bar codes to any design and create sequences in combination with the auto-serialisation feature
  • Complete suite of bitmap, vector, text and effects creation and editing tools
  • Includes extensive library of sign and print industry vinyl colour sets and spot colour palettes
  • Save time and get designs approved quicker with the unique web-based artwork approval tool
  • Much easier and faster to use than other design software for wide-format job preparation
  • For flatbed printing workflow, add contour cuts to jobs, true shape nest them, add cutter marks and send to your RIP software (Flexi, ONYX®, Caldera®, etc.)
  • For laser engraver workflow, design and/or add cut layers, auto-serialize and send directly to laser engraver’s Windows driver

Supported OS for Flexi 12:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7

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