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As technology moves forward, SA International brings you a new era in color management. Progressing along with the large format industry, PhotoPRINT™ 6 is designed to help your productivity ascend to new heights–—while maintaining SAi’s signature ease-of-use interface.
Product Description

PRINT WIZARD The new Print Wizard offers a simple question-and-answer approach to your workflow. It guides you through adding a job, choosing a printer, setting basic job parameters and finally printing. Even color correction has been simplified by linking to our new Variations feature included in the Print Wizard and Job Properties.

WINDOWS 7™ SUPPORT Staying up to date with leading technology, PhotoPRINT 6 is fully compatible with Windows 7. The user interface has been redesigned following Microsoft’s guidelines.

N-COLOR SUPPORT. PhotoPRINT 6 begins a new era in color management by supporting up to 16 true color channels*. ICC profiles can now be created for RGB or OG printers with the new, simplified, user-friendly Color Profiler which supports the new version 4 profiles. (*Driver must also support n-color)

DUAL-ROLL SUPPORT The new dual roll option allows you to define two media sizes to be used simultaneously, even on printers that technically don’t support two rolls. If jobs are nested, the WYSIWYG layout control allows you to easily define ICC Profiles, among other things, for individual jobs per roll.

APPLICATION DIRECT PRINTING THROUGH DYNAMIC PPDs With our new dynamic PPDs, you can print from any application using PhotoPRINT 6 presets or ICC profiles. After you create new presets or ICC profiles, these can be easily added to the desktop printer settings with a single click in Setup Properties. PhotoPRINT™ Family Photo

PRINT SERVER-PRO™ The complete client-server RIP solution package includes extended capabilities and cost-saving features. Additional features include an EDITOR station for layout and design and Color Profiler for output profile creation and editing.

PhotoPRINT SERVER™ The client-server RIP solution for networks and large production environments, featuring productivity tools such as Job Priority, Page Nesting and Job Nesting. These tools will make workflow to multiple printers generate accurate and consistent results in any volume.

PhotoPRINT DX™ An unparalleled layout package with design capabilities for text, shapes and effects, combined with the versatility to RIP and print to two devices simultaneously. The design and output of Print & Cut decals is straightforward and accurate with this integrated solution.

PhotoPRINT SE™ A RIP solution with the fundamentals for the single-workstation environment. Send jobs to RIP and print directly from popular design applications such as Adobe Photoshop® and Illustrator®, QuarkXPress®, CorelDRAW®, and CAD/AEC/GIS engineering solutions.


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